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Marketing made easy

Marketing made easy

If you are trying to promote your new business, or launch a new advertising campaign it would help to have a full service marketing agency behind you. you can try to deal with the advertising yourself, you can try to promote your business on your own, but it takes a lot of time and effort, and do you really have that time to spare when you are also trying to run your company?

If you use the services of a marketing agency, then you have the full weight of an experienced team who can promote you on a wide range of media. They can get your company on radio, TV and social media sites. The internet is now one of the biggest marketing tools available to any business, it has the potential to reach a few billion people every day – a breath-taking amount of possible clients.

A full service marketing agency will make marketing your business extremely easy. You work with them, give them your ideas and they go away and be creative. You will end up with something amazing that really speaks to your clients and does the selling for you!

If you want to make sure your marketing strategy is the best it can be, trust the experts. A full service marketing agency can advise you on digital marketing – the best places on the internet to promote your business, this includes creating your own website and advertising on social media sites. There is also the traditional marketing strategy – newspaper ads, TV promotions and radio ads with catchy jingles. They can also help with the design of your logos and tweaking your branding if needed.


Aluminium Skylight Shutters

Aluminium Skylight Shutters

Secure your property efficiently and accurately with our durable aluminium skylight shutters. Available in many shapes, sizes, designs and colours, choose the shutter that suits your home and business, becoming a stylish feature that protects at the same time. Easy to use on a daily basis, the shutters can be opened and closed manually or electronically. If there is more than one shutter, they can be connected on a network so they move simultaneously.

As well as high performance security, the shutters can block out sun glare, UV rays, excessive heat and sound coming from outside to make your property more comfortable, whilst allowing in ventilation if you choose. The strong aluminium is weather proof so will keep performing and protecting for a long time without regular maintenance. With a powder coating in a colour of your choice, the shutters will remain rust and water proof throughout any conditions. They are also built to the right shape and size so they will not allow leaks or damp through, as well as being fire-resistant. The shutters will remain smart, reliable and secure.

10 Benefits of Aluminium Skylight Shutters

  • Available in different designs to match the exterior and interior of your property.
  • Secures property with anti-theft performance.
  • High quality manufacture and durable material provides a long service life and low maintenance. Weather proof, water proof and rust proof.
  • Sound insulation, reducing noise.
  • Ventilation through slats.
  • Easy to use, manually or electronically.
  • Anti-damp, no leaks or drafts.
  • Anti-UV, blocks sun glare and rays.
  • Stops excessive heat.
  • Fire-resistant.

Getting the most from your printer system

Getting the most from your printer system

If you run a busy office you may be trying to find ways on how to improve its efficiency. Time management is key to ensuring you keep your costs low and there is no wastage of staff time doing jobs that could potentially be done automatically.

In this instance you may want to consider a managed print solution. This means that certain jobs such as ordering toner, which can be time consuming, is already done. The system recognises when it is running low and an order is placed automatically for you. The great thing about this is that you are guaranteed to get the right product. It is easy to confuse toner product codes and you could end up with the wrong colour or size of toner cartridge. The managed print system alleviates all of that, takes matters into its own hands and you receive a delivery of the correct product each and every time.

It can save you money too. The managed print system uses a lot less energy than conventional printer systems, this means you will see a reduction in your utility bills, particularly if you have a large company with a substantial printer and fax network. The system also uses less paper and toner, this is because files can be sent automatically without the need to print them out. Again this is a great money saver, and can also save your staff time rather than posting out hard copies of documents to clients, suppliers or other departments.

Using less energy, toner and paper also makes the managed print system eco-friendly which is great for any company looking to reduce their carbon footprint and build a reputation as being environmentally considerate.



Why strawberries are good for you

Strawberries are one of the tastiest fruits around and become very popular during the summer months when they are in season, but do you know just how good they are for your health? Let’s have a look at the nutritional content of the humble strawberry!


The strawberry is a good source of vitamins, in particular vitamins C and K. You can also get potassium, manganese, fibre and folic acid as well as numerous phytonutrients and flavonoids. This means that when you decide to have a strawberry smoothie you are doing more than making yourself a great tasting drink! The red colour comes from the large amounts of anthocyanidin. These are strong antioxidants and this can help people to protect themselves from conditions such as heart disease, cancer and inflammation.


Throughout history the strawberry has been used for medicinal purposes with some people finding that it helps their digestion, ease irritated skin and even whiten teeth. It is thought that by including strawberries in your diet you can help to keep blood sugar levels under control and regulate digestion. The fibre content in the strawberry can help you to feel fuller for longer.


If you really want to make the most of the nutritional value of the strawberry you can include the leaves, which are also edible. You can eat them raw, cook them or make a tea from them.


The strawberry smoothie is just one way to get plenty of good nutrients into your system but it is also one of the easiest. Giving your immune system a helping hand is as easy as switching on the blender!


Window grilles for crime prevention

Window grilles for crime prevention

Security is a major issue in both homes and businesses and with the help of window grilles you can make your property much safer. But how can window grilles really help you?


First of all they will help to deter thieves. It is far easier for a thief to get into a building if the doors and windows are simple affairs with only one lock. If you add in window grilles then you are making it far more difficult for thieves to get in, with the result that only the most desperate will try. Most will take one look at the grilles and go and try their luck elsewhere.


They may also help to deter other types of criminal. You could be living in an area where there has been a lot of vandalism or arson attacks. External window grilles are ideal for helping to deter this type of criminal too.


Your ability to protect your property increases when you use grilles. This is partly because they can be fitted to all kinds of windows and doors and you can order in them in whatever sizes that you need.


Being burgled is a big fear of many homeowners and the addition of grilles, either internally or externally, can help to make every member of the family feel safer. You should also not worry about people feeling as though they have been imprisoned when you add metal bars to the windows – the feeling of being safe will help to overcome this and as most grilles are now designed to be flexible, you will be able to find grilles that have the ability to enhance the feel of your home as well as give you the peace of mind that you need.


How to Store Heat in a Thermal Store

How to Store Heat in a Thermal Store

A thermal heating store is essentially a large water tank that is well insulated and connects to the hot water system. It is not the same as the hot water cylinder but it does use the water from the heating system. Usually made from steel, the device has the ability to store heat and is great for use in solar thermal systems and biomass installation.

Biomass boilers are normally heavier than normal boilers so they take longer to heat up and cool down. Solar heated water also takes time until the sun has produced enough heat to warm the water. The boiler flows and returns water from the thermal heating store and the heating system is connected to the store. In turn, the thermal store becomes the middle man component of the whole system, the buffer between the boiler and heating system. Once installed it is possible to introduce a range of heat sources from solar thermal to biomass as well as fossil fuels or electricity. When installing these methods with a thermal store, the heating system should not have to be modified.

Thermal stores help to make your home more efficient and can even out the usage of hot water throughout the day. It can release stored up heat during the peak demand times and will store extra heat in the low demand times. Your boiler and heating systems take most of the total electricity used in the household so it is important to make it as efficient as possible to save energy and money.

Avoiding common mistakes with postcard marketing

Avoiding common mistakes with postcard marketing

A postcard marketing campaign can be very effective but it has to be done properly. Sometimes businesses make mistakes when carrying out a marketing campaign but with a little bit of care and attention they are actually easy to avoid.


A lack of consistency and repetition in a postcard marketing campaign can often be a problem. Arranging to print postcards and other direct marketing materials for just one occasion can be a mistake. Once you have carried out one marketing campaign this way you need to keep up the momentum and continue the good work. By keeping your potential customers in regular touch with what is happening with your company you can gradually build your customer base.


Make the tone of your postcards friendly as well as professional. Finding the right balance is very important. A small but personal message will help to generate a higher number of replies than you would get with a very formal advert.


You also need to make sure that you proofread! If you appoint a professional printer to print postcards and other marketing materials then they may do this as part of the service but if you are designing your own you have to make sure that everything on it is correct. Even a tiny mistake could be spotted by a potential client and the last thing that you want them to think is that you are running a shoddy operation. It only takes a few minutes and it can save a lot of problems later.


Remodelling Your Bathroom on a Budget

Remodelling Your Bathroom on a Budget

Designing a dream bathroom can be very expensive, especially if you want your own private spa. There are however loads of ways to redesign your bathroom in a cost-effective yet stylish way.


Use affordable yet high quality and elegant tiles such as Odyssey tiles. Better quality yet affordable tiles will need little maintenance and cleaning plus they are waterproof, non-slip and durable. Choose from a huge range of shapes, sizes, colours, effects and patterns for your new tiles which will transform your bathroom. If you are on a very low budget, limit the amount of tiles you use and only focus on the important areas that need tile.


Instead of splurging on granite counter tops for the bathroom, look at cheaper versions or granite with imperfections that is more budget-friendly. Or use a wooden cabinet instead of a worktop, they are very stylish and can be very affordable.


If your budget is low, re-painting your bathroom is one of the best ways to transform the look. Make sure to use high quality paint with a silk finish which will resist mould and mildew growth.


Updating small parts of the bathroom will improve the overall look of the space. Installing new taps, lights, towel racks and cabinet handles can add fresh touches to the bathroom design.


Another important feature of the bathroom is the grout and caulk, when it is dirty it looks awful. Re-doing the grout is a great way to freshen up the whole bathroom without spending a lot.


Think about buying items for the bathroom that have been previously used either online or at markets. Or get crafty with your own stuff and redesign it to look funky and fresh.

Advantages of Using Frameless Glass Doors in Nottingham

Advantages of Using Frameless Glass Doors in Nottingham

Glass is one of the most versatile yet sophisticated materials used in construction. With better placement, it can be effective. With the best installation, it can be of optimum convenience to its users. The use of glass doors is not confined to make the landscape visible to the interiors; it’s also for the spaces under the roof.

Say hello to internal frameless glass doors in Nottingham

In spite of their transparency, they make good dividers inside the home. Glass sliding doors are effective in saving space and also make the space look open, even without being too privacy – invasive. These products, if made with quality materials and treated efficiently, can provide better thermal comfort than the typical dividers.

The leading and reliable suppliers of frameless glass doors in Nottingham

We Care Glass aims to provide, not only effective products that are made for comfort and convenience, but also products that can last a long time even with rigorous circumstances at hand. Their knowledgeable technical staff also provide quality customer service to accompany the purchase. More of this is in their website at



Can you have posters professionally printed on a low budget?

If you run a business, a charity or any other type of organisation you may at some point need to have posters professionally printed. Marketing of any kind is going to take up part of your budget but sometimes the budget doesn’t stretch very far. What happens when the budget is a little limited?


There are a number of ways in which you can stretch the budget when you are using poster printers for your marketing materials. Why not consider a basic service level for your work? All you have to do is make sure that your artwork is ‘print ready’. This means that all the actual design has been done at your end rather than by the printer so there is no need for you to have a proof copy for approval and there will be no need for resubmissions. This speeds up the process and ensures that you get a good printing service at the same time.


Consider the extras too! Getting professional poster printers does not mean that you have to pay out for a lot of extra services. A good service will offer things like free postage and there may be a discount for new customers. If you are not sure – ask! There is no harm in trying to get a little money off, particularly if you are going to be using their services on a regular basis.


Good poster printers will want to retain your custom. Do you think that loyalty schemes are just for supermarkets? Nothing could be further from the truth. Choosing the right printers could earn you loyalty points that you can turn into money off orders in the future.


So the answer is ‘yes’ – you can get your posters professionally printed on a low budget. Inexpensive does not have to mean cheap!